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After upgrading to Windows 10, Clouder doesn't work anymore

Windows 10 had a few bugs with the early release, most importantly some issues with audio drivers. For some people, Skype doesn't work, others can't play audio in Internet Explorer.
Clouder uses Internet Explorer behind the scenes to play audio and if your Windows 10 migration didn't go well, all song will just display an error, asking you to buy "Clouder PRO".

To test if you are having this issue, please open this page in Internet Explorer:
Click the first "Test" button. It should show a music player and play a song. If your audio drivers are bad, it will show a music player with an error.

If you are getting an error, please re-install your audio drivers that you will find from your PC manufacturer. Then reboot, and it should be fixed.

If it is still not fixed, please email

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