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Customer Feedback & Support for Clouder! Windows 8


SoundCloud changed something overnight, which is preventing the songs from loading correctly in Clouder with "Clouder PRO".
Unfortunately, because of these changes, Clouder PRO cannot work anymore. An update was just sent to the Microsoft Store, for certification.
It should be available in about 24 hours or so via the Windows Store. This version disables the "Clouder PRO" features. Songs will still play, but only the unprotected ones, and downloads are not available anymore.

Sorry about that, but as this is an unofficial application, there is nothing I can do on my side. You should now probably use the official SoundCloud application from the Windows Store:

Thanks for using Clouder for the last 6 years!


Clouder! allows you to browse thousands and thousands of SoundCloud tracks. Electronic, hip-hop, house, dubstep, rap, drum and bass, pop, rock, ... and some exclusive songs from the best artists!

Clouder! evolves quickly, mostly based on user feedback. This portal allows you to suggest new features and report bugs. You can also vote and comment on existing ideas.

If you need support, please email

Thank you for your participation!

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